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Selling Through Auction

Why Sell through Auction

If you are interested in hearing more about how we can get your home sold for the most money possible in the most efficient time possible, we want to meet with you! Our meeting should only take about fifteen minutes and you will learn how we will help you save time and future headaches when you decide to work with us. Please see the attachments above which showcase our remarkable auction results, as well as a few success stories we have had over the past few months. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions as I am happy to help, or visit our Harcourts Auctions website.

Current Harcourts Auction Stats

Key facts about our selling with our auction process:

  •  Of the last 165 homes we have listed through auction, we have sold 149 of them - thats over a 90% total clearance!
  • We've imported this exclusive marketing platform from Australia that is selling of our listings within 33 days or less, at or above full market value.
  • We only sell at a price that our sellers are 100% happy with.
  • Showings during 'Open House' times only, NO lockbox on your door for unexpected visitors. 
  •  We are getting an average of 88 buyer parties through your door in just four weeks.
  •  Our sellers receive an average of SIX OFFERS in just four weeks of marketing time.
  •  There is no need for a six month listing contract, 60 days is preferred.
  •  Transparent process that produces results & less likelihood of a sale falling out of escrow.
  •  Does not cost any more than traditional sale.
  •  Sellers are receiving an average of 22% higher sale price compared to the original list price. 



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